Got Buzz? You better.

This business marketing book from Buzznation Principle Mark Hughes (from Penguin/Portfolio) prescribes six valuable steps you shouldn’t miss...and it reads like a thriller.

With endorsements from Steve Forbes, The London School of Economics and the former CMO of Pepsi, its no wonder that Fast Company has names it one of the Top 10 Business Books, it's required reading at Stanford and been translated into 11 different languages.

One part Tom Peters, one part Malcolm Gladwell, and one part Charles Kuralt, and you’ve got the picture of Mark Hughes’ writing style.

Hughes documents how he transformed an infant brand with buzz marketing, which led to a $300 million sale of that brand!

Not only does Hughes lay out the six secrets to buzz marketing, via "hands-on", "ass-on-the-line" experience -- he dissects inside stories of how iconic brands also broke out with buzz.

America spends more money of marketing every year ($235 billion) than the entire GDP of Mexico.

Big brands and small businesses alike are demanding better results and greater impact for their marketing dollars.

And they’re looking for solutions--from people who have both succeeded and had their butt on the line.

As VP of marketing at eBay’s, Mark Hughes didn’t have a huge budget for advertising. Yet he helped drive the number of users from zero to eight million in just three years.

His secret? Making the company a magnet for media attention and word of mouth, by any means necessary. Most notoriously, he convinced the town of Halfway, Oregon, to rename itself to, Oregon -- which Time magazine called "one of the greatest publicity coups" in history.

Now Mark Hughes has written a breakthrough guide to the art of successful buzzmarketing -- which many people talk about, but few truly understand.

He draws on his own real-world experience as an executive and consultant, as well as untold stories of some of the great buzz-generators of our time:

  • How American Idol used buzz to get the whole country talking.
  • The untold story of how tie-dye was created (page 155).
  • How a near-lie enabled Apple to air its famous "1984" commercial over the objections of its board.
  • How an anomaly gave birth to Miller Lite and the entire light beer category.


Now Available In The Following Languages:

Buzzmarketing: Japanese

Buzzmarketing: Chinese

Buzzmarketing Portuguese

Buzzmarketing Hebrew

"...a business book that's both entertaining and useful for big brands and start-ups alike."
-- Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine

" intriguing book about an intriguing new trend in marketing. It's rare to find a business book that teaches and entertains like this."
-- Warren Phillips, former executive editor, The Wall Street Journal and CEO, Dow Jones

"There's fake corporate marketing and then there's real marketing. This is the real stuff for real people."
-- Ben Cohen, Co-founder, Ben & Jerry's President,

"At last! A fun-to-read business book that delivers on its 'WoW' premise. Mark Hughes shows how his faith in a totally preposterous big idea paid off 40-fold. Buzzmarketing puts a spotlight on what makes word-of-mouth advertising score a knockout...just when cluttered tradtional media has lost its punch."
-- Stan Rapp, Chairman of McCann Relationship Marketing. Author of MaxiMarketing and 5 other books selling over 500,000 copies

"...the book that makes it worth its weight in marketing gold"
 - London School of Economics Professor, Dr. Paul Marsden

"Buzzmarketing works. It's not just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have!"
-- Brian Swette, former Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi-Cola; former COO, eBay

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